Wolt couriers are employees, the rules of authority; Wolt defies judgment

“The matter can only be resolved legally in court. We consider it desirable for a court decision to be issued in the matter, in view of the legal protection of both parties and the social significance of the matter.” said Eerik Tarnaala, Director of Occupational Safety and Health, AVI Southern Finland.

Wolt said the decision was pending and announced his intention to appeal it. It pointed out that more than 70% of its couriers value the freedom of entrepreneurship over the security of a formal employment relationship, and estimates that just over 2,000 of its nearly 5,000 couriers could be on their payrolls if they had employment contracts. required to complete the work.

Startup also announced its intention to continue its current operations during the trial despite the threat of a € 10,000 fine.

AVI for Southern Finland said that its verdict is based on a comprehensive investigation of the case from the point of view of labor law. Statutory obligations related to working time, it recalled, are formulated to protect the weaker party to the employment contract.

According to the authority, the practical aspects of the work referred to an employment relationship: the couriers are subordinate to Wolt. The platform provider defines how the work is performed, for example, by directing and supervising the work through the platform and by controlling the use of substitutes.

However, some of the factors identified in the study suggested that couriers could also be considered entrepreneurs.

AVI for Southern Finland required Wolt to take action and to start working time accounting or to report on its action within 14 days of the decision.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page





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