COVID-19 in Akranes. Fifty new infections and schools shut down

Fifty people were diagnosed in Akranes with Covid-19 in a report from West Iceland. Consequently, all schools in the city will be closed tomorrow.

The increased number of infections has led to the Fjölbrautaskóla Vesturlands (FVA) school management decision yesterday to close the school and switch to distance learning until further notice. The school website said that the situation in Akranes was serious. Additionally, a significant increase in the number of people who will benefit from the help of the health center and hospital is expected. Yesterday 25 people were in isolation, but today this number has risen to 75.

Closed schools

Local newspaper Skagafréttir informsthat Akranes City Council announced that on Friday, November 5, all activities in kindergartens, primary schools, and music school will be canceled, as well as extracurricular activities.

“Due to the growing number of people infected and sent to quarantine, institutions today should expect a minimum number of employees, and parents are asked to pick up their children at noon if possible. If, due to work, the parents will not be able to pick up their young children at lunchtime, then they will be allowed to stay in institutions “ – says the website of Skagafréttir.

Older children in primary schools were sent home at noon. Today and at the weekend, all sports trainings organized by the clubs as part of ÍA have been canceled. The Jaðarsbökk hall was also closed.

Fjöliðjuna and Búkoll’s collection and recycling points have also been closed for an indefinite period.

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