Helsinki residents offer ideas for using EUR 8.8 million for city projects

Thousands of Helsinki residents have expressed their opinion on the use of almost nine million euros for the city’s development projects, the so-called OmaStadi (roughly, Your City) online bulk sourcing survey.

Poll completed last week asked the residents what improvements they think the city needs when the city sets aside € 8.8 million to implement these ideas.

In addition to many other suggestions, residents said they wanted the outdoor Olympic stadium to be open year-round, not just in the summer.

City Development Manager Kirsi Verkka said keeping a large swimming pool open all year round would cost around € 300,000 a year and that a study on the show is underway.

Of the total amount, approximately EUR 1.8 million is to be allocated to projects of common benefit to all city residents. In the meantime, each Helsinki region will benefit from the remaining funding.

The projects are progressing next year

The most expensive project, given by the green light of the residents, will cost about 550,000 euros for the development of outdoor areas around Malmi Airport.

A half-million-euro project for the hobbies and activities of urban youth and a new skate park in western Helsinki.

However, Verkka said the exact location of the park has not yet been decided.

The planning and implementation of project ideas produced by OmaStad will start as early as next year.

Approximately 47,000 of the 580,000 eligible residents participated in the survey. Verkka said that the aim of the survey has been to encourage wide participation, among other things by offering the opportunity to participate in several different languages.

"Of course, we would like people to be more actively involved in the future," Nerkka said.

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