Norwegian Unibet Ambassadors

In line with other online casinos, Unibet has for a long time entered into sponsorship agreements with Norwegian celebrities as part of its marketing. However, this has not been completely smooth, given that Norway has some of the strictest rules in the world when it comes to gambling. Nevertheless, these agreements have become an important part of the platform’s growth in Norway, and many Norwegian players today use Unibet as their preferred platform.

Uninbet is a platform that offers players betting, sports betting, online casino, poker and a number of other games, which has made the ambassadors’ agreements with Unibet something that has been discussed a lot in the Norwegian media. Because gambling in Norway has been banned, because Norsk Tipping has a monopoly, it has been put as a problem that Norwegian profiles have fronted foreign online casinos in Norway. Here are three of the most popular Norwegian ambassadors who have collaborated, or entered into sponsorship agreements, with Unibet, and taken part in the platform’s growth in the Norwegian market.

Morten Langli

Among the many notable profiles that Unibet has partnered with are Morten Langli one of the names that has really excelled. The three years the collaboration was meant to last ended up telling a full six years instead, and was only ended because Langli wanted to focus on other projects. Both parties were very satisfied with the collaboration, and there are many good reasons for this.

Langli became an important piece that was essential for building up Unibet’s expert tips and not least a profile in Norway. Here, the motto “By players – for players” was established, and Langli’s presence as an ambassador at Unibet was important for the position they stopped gaining in the Norwegian market. But he is not the only Norwegian who has made an impression.

Magnus Carlsen

Almost a year ago, Unibet announced that they had entered into one two-year global agreement with Magnus Carlsen, who is the Norwegian world champion in chess. This was a collaboration that meant that Unibet became Carlsen’s main sponsor in 2020 and 2021, and in connection with the agreement, a podcast was launched in which Magnus Barstad, Morten Langli and Magnus Carlsen would cover sports and games, called Løperekka. Getting the role of Unibet’s new expert was thus an opportunity Carlsen got, and with this came an opportunity to speak more directly to the growing crowd of players.

The great attention paid to Carlsen’s achievements in chess tournaments made him an obvious candidate for a sponsorship deal, while Carlsen’s interest in betting made Unibet an obvious partner for him.

Ronny Johnsen

The Norwegian Manchester United player Ronny Johnsen was also an ambassador for Unibet, and was an important part of the advertising Unibet did around the year 2012. In fact, Ronny Johnsen is not the only Norwegian star at Manchester United, which has strengthened the relationship even more.

Major football players and other profiles in the sports world do particularly well as ambassadors for platforms such as Unibet, because the connection between sports and games is strong.

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