Report: More than half of Finland’s electricity in 2020 came from renewable sources

More than half of the electricity produced in Finland last year came from renewable energy sources, according to preliminary data published by Statistics Finland on Tuesday.

This is the first time the share of renewables has risen to more than 50 percent, the number-breaking agency said.

"Electricity produced from renewable energy sources was a record 34.7 TWh. For the first time, renewable energy sources covered more than half of Finland’s electricity production: 52 per cent," the agency’s press release states.

The increase in renewable energy sources was mainly due to "prominent" growth in the use of hydropower and wind power, which accounted for 45% and 23% of all electricity produced from renewable energy in 2020, respectively.

_Yle News’s podcast All Points North recently explored new findings that onshore wind farms are blowing up other energy production methods in Finland. The article continues after the sound._

Of the total electricity production, 82 per cent covered domestic production and 18 per cent of net electricity imports from the Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia.

About 34 percent of domestic production was generated by nuclear power and 14 percent by fossil fuels and peat.

Thus, the amount of electricity produced with fossil fuels decreased by 20 per cent last year compared to 2019, while the use of peat decreased by 29 per cent and coal by 44 per cent, Statistics Finland’s figures continue to show.

Source: The Nordic Page





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