The winter tire season begins in Finland

Winter tires must be used on Finnish roads from Monday 1 November. but with significant resources: if weather or road surface conditions so require.

Amendments to the Road Traffic Act, which came into force last year, placed even more responsibility on the driver to decide whether to use winter tires from 1 November to 31 March. on the basis of the circumstances prevailing between

Winter tires can be either studded or studless.

According to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s Traficom release, studless tires, or friction tires, are a better alternative to snowy roads.

"On icy roads, studded tires have better grip, but they wear more on the road than friction tires. In addition, the pins remove fine particles from the road surface which have a detrimental effect on human health," the statement said.

The agency added that the tires on all passenger cars and vans should be at least three millimeters thick and rise to five millimeters in particularly difficult driving conditions, such as slouchy or snowy roads.

Source: The Nordic Page





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