They will ensure uninterrupted operation and problem solving

In the statement issued by the management board of Efling, we can read that it intends to focus on ensuring the company’s uninterrupted operation, preparing payroll contracts for next year and solving problems. The management board met today for the first time after Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir resigned as chairman. The board members also ask the media for a little patience as they don’t want to give any interviews at the moment.

Agnieszka Ewa Ziółkowska has today formally taken over the presidency of Efling until the next elections, which will be held by the end of March next year. Ólöf Helga Adolfsdóttir was elected vice-president.

The management statement said that Efling employs a large group of people who serve members of the trade union on a daily basis. We are talking about help with salary, scholarship, holiday and sickness funds, and other matters. “These activities will continue to be the core of Efling’s work and the interests of the members will always be at the fore.”

The board also refers to working on wage bargaining next year and thanks Sólveig Anna and Viðar Þorsteinsson for their work on behalf of the low-wage earners.

“The management of Efling will now focus on the tasks it has to do. The chairwoman will work with the office to solve problems that have arisen in the company’s operations. Despite the differences that have been revealed in the media, the management and employees are united in providing services to the members of Efling “ – we read in the statement.

In the subject:

  • The leader of Efling resigns
  • Sólveig Anna is backed by the majority of Efling’s board of directors
  • They say they only wanted to fix the Sólveig problem
  • He says employees are making false accusations

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