Landspítali in crisis

The situation in Landspítali has been described today as a crisis. The response committee met with the epidemic committee and made decisions about changes to the facility’s operations.

The announcement stated that, by definition, an emergency occurs when an event requires action in accordance with a contingency plan. The number and activities of individual units are changing. This can include changed business policies as well as the redeployment of tasks and staff.

Currently, 1082 people are under the care of Covid. Three patients are in the intensive care unit, all under a ventilator, one patient under a heart and lung machine. The infectious diseases ward currently numbers 13 patients, and is rapidly approaching the breaking point. Patients are being considered to be transferred from the pulmonary unit to make room for COVID-19 patients, and it can be expected that there will be an average of three admissions per day in hospital for the next few days.

“The high and recently rising number of infections will result in a significant number of admissions in the coming weeks. The length of stay of unvaccinated and intensive care patients is slightly longer than that of fully vaccinated patients, so it is difficult to predict what the patient flow will be, and good flow is key to having a free bed each day.

When the hospital is moved to the crisis level, optional activities (operations, interventions, outpatient services) are reduced. This dismisses some of the staff who can then join the Covid division. – we read in the announcement.

Visits are forbidden from midnight

Due to the number of infections that have reached the hospital with visitors in recent days and weeks, the epidemic committee is introducing a visit ban from the north. As before, branch managers can grant exemptions from this decision in an emergency.
A patient’s leave is allowed only if it is necessary preparation for discharge and / or part of rehabilitation. The permit is then limited to one place and the person can meet as few people as possible.
All kinds of meetings are held in the form of teleconferences.
Much emphasis is still placed on personal protective equipment, using the masks correctly, and going for a test immediately if symptoms of the disease develop. These are tools that we have, we know and are easy to use. There is still a mask obligation and the one meter rule. The two-meter rule applies when removing the eating mask.
We also encourage employees to take advantage of booster vaccinations. The data show that it significantly improves the antibody response and helps to deal with the delta variant.

Information on the situation in the hospital will be made available each day after the meeting of the Landspítali Emergency Response Committees.

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