The Prince’s forbidden love

When Prince Carl Johan Bernadotte proposes to Kerstin Wijkmark, she first thinks he is joking. He understands that it is impossible, she says.

The royal title and apanaget

A marriage would mean that the prince must relinquish his title and the royal appanage. And what would the court say about losing one in the line of possible heirs to the throne?

Carl Johan and Kerstin still decide, against all odds, to fight for their love. In the end, they move to the United States to be at peace and wait for the time to catch up with their bold life choices.

Participating in the documentary:
Monica Bonde, Carl Johan and Kerstin’s daughter.
Sten Hedman, journalist.
Klas Åmark, Professor Emeritus of History.

The program was made in 2021.

Reporter: Cecilia Ohlén
Producers: Ola Hemström and Sofia Kottorp
Final mix: Olle Sjöström






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