There are no places in epidemiological centers

Due to the lack of places, people who wanted to use the epidemiological centers in Reykjavik had to be sent back. This is what Gylfi Þór Þorsteinsson, who manages the centers, says. There are currently 18 rooms available in Reykjavik and only one in Akureyri. “We have to be very frugal there,” says Gylfi. And he adds that it would not be surprising if this wave turned out to be the largest so far. “The situation is difficult for us, as well as for the others who work there.”

“A huge number of people came yesterday. We had to refuse them a place as we had no vacancies. But there are 18 rooms available today, much less than yesterday. Some rooms will be vacated during the day “ Says Gylfi. 167 infections were diagnosed yesterday.

Perhaps the largest epidemic to date

Should more isolation centers be prepared? “This is what we have been trying to avoid for a long time. We hope to be able to keep things stable over the weekend, but it is clear that the burden is enormous. This is a big increase, and I wouldn’t be surprised that this is the biggest epidemic to date. “ He says it’s hard to add more hotels as most are for tourism purposes and it’s hard to find people to work.

How are rooms prioritized? “We review the situation of people in their homes and welcome guests who have absolutely no other option to remain in isolation. We have to be stricter every time the situation is like this. In Akureyri, for example, there is only one room available. “

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