The European Commission is proposing a common charger for electronic devices

The Government submitted the relevant Union communication to Parliament on 4 November 2021.

The Commission justifies action at Union level by pointing out that the interoperability of radio equipment and accessories, such as chargers, would simplify their use and reduce unnecessary electronic waste and costs.

Lack of harmonization may lead to differences between Member States and obstacles to the free movement of goods. The objectives agreed at EU level can be achieved more effectively than the actions of individual Member States.

Consumers would greatly benefit if they did not have to purchase device-specific connectors and cables that are compatible with devices from a particular manufacturer. They would also benefit from the savings from the changes and more accurate knowledge of the chargers.

The government supports the Commission’s objectives and largely welcomes the proposal. However, the government considers that the proposal should be clarified in some respects and its effects assessed more broadly.

What next?

The proposed changes need to be transposed into national law. The amendments concern at least the Act on Electronic Communications Services and the Government Decree on the Conformity of Radio Equipment.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications


Source: The Nordic Page





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