No electronic ID due to disability

Ólafur Elías Harðarson is 24 years old and has Down syndrome. He does not have an electronic ID, because according to the law he is obliged to apply for it himself and choose a password without help. According to his mother, Ágústy Rósa Andrésdóttir, Ólafur cannot do that.


“We went to Auðkenni to obtain an electronic ID so that Ólafur could access Heilsuvery. At Auðkenni they told us that if he cannot complete the form himself, without help, he will not receive an electronic ID ” Says Ágústa. “He can enter his first name, but he cannot create a password himself and enter it later. He cannot get any help for it. “

No ID – no access to Heilsuvery

The lack of an electronic ID card often bothers Ólafur in various situations. He was supposed to do a quick COVID test at the clinic yesterday, but it could not be registered as there is no electronic ID and therefore had to do a PCR test. “Yesterday, late at night, an SMS came saying the result was waiting on the Heilsuver portal. Since he has no electronic ID, he cannot log into Heilsuvery “ Says Ágústa. She contacted Heilsuvera and explained the situation to Ólafur to an employee who finally agreed to email her the results of the study.

But this is not the only example where Ólafur has encountered obstacles due to the lack of an electronic ID card. It also happened when his parents were going to buy an apartment some time ago. “Although the parents had electronic ID cards, it was enough that he didn’t have one and the whole process took a long time. Banks are not prepared for everything to pass on paper. “

Sad – but that’s the situation

Ágústa says that there is a lot of debate among parents of people with Down’s syndrome about this solution and that many people have had various problems with it. Parents repeatedly tried to find a solution to this problem for Ólafur. “We went to Auðkenni to ask; what can we do then? Especially with regard to Heilsuvery. And we were actually told that there is nothing we can do at the moment. Yes, it is an unbearable state of affairs, but it is the situation. “

Is there any possibility to help Ólafur and others who are struggling with a similar problem? “If the system is to be as-is, the electronic identifier should be associated with its representative, whether it is a parent or another guardian.”

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