Protest in front of the Polish embassy

“Our nightmares are becoming reality,” said Wiola Ujazdowska during a silent protest against the Polish abortion law, which took place today at 18:00 in front of the Polish embassy in Reykjavik. The reason for today’s protests are the reports from the last days about women who died in Poland because doctors refused to perform an abortion.


“These radical and really strict laws threaten women’s lives and will cause a lot of pain and death because doctors are afraid of having abortions.” Says Wiola.

The Polish Supreme Court ruled over a year ago that abortions due to serious and irreversible birth defects are unconstitutional. Abortion is only allowed if the mother’s life is at risk or if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

Thousands have protested over the death of a pregnant woman

The Guardian informed that thousands of people protested in Poland yesterday. The reason for the protest was the death of pregnant Izabela, who died in a hospital in Poland. According to her family, the woman died because hospital staff refused to provide medical intervention that could have saved her life for fear of violating the abortion law.

The slogan that the protesters shouted was “her heart was beating too”, because according to the account of the patient lying in the hospital bed next to Izabela, the doctors said that they could not do anything because the fetal heart was still beating.

Wiola also points to the stories of more women. She mentions that a woman named Ania died giving birth to a stillborn child after doctors refused to give her an abortion, and recently heard in the Polish media that a woman named Agata also died in a similar situation.

“We don’t know how many times this happened or how many women were forced to give birth as a result and died as a result.” Wiola said.

Crisis situation in Poland

“People are really angry and furious and today we decided to gather in front of the Polish embassy, ​​because here are the representatives of the Polish government in Iceland, to commemorate these women, and actually for those who are dying and in danger because of our government’s decision.” Says Wiola.

Wiola recalls that there was a crisis situation in Poland. “We have very strict abortion laws, strong propaganda against LGBTQ people, ten people have now died on the Polish-Belarus border where a group of refugees are held in the woods by Polish soldiers, we lack sex education, etc. etc.”

“Of course, this particular protest concerns the anti-abortion law. We just want to remember about the women who died because of these horrible, terrible laws in Poland “ Says Wiola.

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