Lasse Granqvist about when everything happened for Ghana

Even as a child, Lasse Granqvist used to refer to the other children’s matches on the playground. Many years later, in the summer of 2010, he is Sweden’s most popular football commentator, broadcast at the World Cup in South Africa on behalf of Radiosporten. The quarter-final between Ghana and Uruguay will prove to be a historic match that he will never forget.

Host, producer: Richard Henriksson
Producer, mixing: Martin Marhlo
Final mix: Patrik Falck
Executive producer: Ulla Svensson

Archive sound: Swedish Radio
Speakers: Lasse Granqvist and Richard Henriksson.

This is the podcast that tells about everything from the feeling in the player tunnel seconds before the match starts, to the players’ various rituals to get the luck on their side. A new episode is released every Monday.






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