Police have completed a preliminary investigation into the far-right group and will refer the matter to prosecutors.

Since early autumn 2020, the Central Criminal Police (NBI) and the Prosecution Service have been investigating related far-right advocacy groups focusing on a core group working in the security sector.

Prosecutors are now considering charges of official crimes and firearms crimes.

Activities for immigrants

The investigation found that the racist group had a well-established hierarchy and operating principles and practiced regularly. According to the prosecutor, the planned target of the group was immigrants.

Members of the group had several firearms. They also made and recorded gasoline bombs.

One person can be charged with a firearms offense and a firearms offense. The latter concerns the way in which firearms were stored in licensed firearms.

Three people are suspected of inciting a breach of professional secrecy and one person employed by the police is suspected of a breach of professional secrecy. According to Yle’s information, the latter is a security guard at the Helsinki Police Department.

Police involvement

On the basis of a joint investigation, three police officers are suspected of breaching their duty of confidentiality. According to information received by Yle, at least one works at the Helsinki Police Department.

In addition, one police officer is suspected of breaching duty. Police are suspected of handing classified information to the right-wing group.

A Helsinki-based police sergeant exchanged advice with the leader of the far-right Nationalist Alliance on a possible violent confrontation with immigrants.

Prosecutors have limited the possible charges of one officer for breach of duty and embezzlement and closed another investigation.


The main investigators of the Central Criminal Police and the Western Finland Prosecutor’s Office described the investigation as unusual due to the involvement of the police.

The Helsinki Police Department separated the two suspects from the police before the preliminary investigation was completed. The department found that communications with the far right and inappropriate discussions undermined confidence in their position as police officers.

In addition, the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department dismissed a senior constable involved in right-wing communications and leaked information from the police register to a third party. The officer also handed over a telescopic sight for delivery to the Ukrainian war zone.

The connections between these officials and the far right were first revealed in a police investigation into the assassination attempt of Pekka Kataja, an assistant to Basic Finns, last year.

Source: The Nordic Page





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