The Danish government is concerned about the recent increase in corona cases

The number of corona infections is rising sharply in Denmark right now. Yesterday afternoon, about 2,416 fresh cases were confirmed, and the number of inpatients is now 282, of which 40 is on intensive care.

The warning signs have been there for a month now. Ever since temperatures began to fall sharply, forcing the population to spend more time indoors – for example, by favoring the crowded metro over the bicycle for daily commuting – the call for the reintroduction of restrictions has grown.

The requirement to wear face masks in public transport and in shops, the need to show a corona pass to visit a restaurant or bar, collection restrictions and the closure of specially closed venues are certainly just around the corner.

Many close to the political process argue that the reintroduction of coronapas requirements will put further pressure on unvaccinated people to change their minds.

PM worried
Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen took to Facebook yesterday to emphasize how seriously her government takes the new figures.

“The government is following developments regarding corona infections with increasing seriousness and concern,” she said.

“The disease is once again beginning to have a more serious impact on our society and healthcare. Therefore, I also expect that it will be necessary to introduce initiatives that can break the chains of infection. ”

The Commission’s support is crucial
It is believed that Frederiksen is awaiting the recommendations and the Epidemic Commission’s blessing before she takes action.

The Commission’s findings are not a whim. Without its support, the government will not be able to implement immediate changes.

First of all, it needs the Commission to officially classify corona as a socially critical disease, as this will enable the government to use the Epidemic Act.

Should the Commission reject this and decide that there is no need for action, it will bind the hands of the government somewhat and make any future action a lengthy process.

Health Authority warning
In the meantime, Søren Brostrøm, head of The National Board of Health the health authority, has again appealed to unvaccinated people to change their minds.

“You are living dangerously as an unvaccinated adult in Denmark this winter,” he said late last week.

While you might imagine that some form of announcement is imminent, the government can wait until after the local and regional elections on November 16 to introduce the changes.

Source: The Nordic Page





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