The findings revealed a suspected police killer

Among the finds are gloves, trousers, jacket, mouth guard and a pistol. The police have the opportunity to send a priority case to NFC and choose to send the mouth guard. It does not take long before you arrest a suspect and start mapping his entire activities during the current day.

On Friday, the indictment came against a 17-year-old boy who is suspected of having fired the shots that killed a police officer on June 30 earlier this year. The indictment reveals not only how the whole thing must have gone, but also details about the suspect’s person. He has previously been convicted of attempted murder of one of the men, who was also shot shortly before the murder of the policeman. The incident can be linked to a conflict in Biskopsgården in Gothenburg.


Evalisa Wallin

Viktor Ahldén


Anna Bergkvist, head of police investigation

Hans Palm, defense attorney

Lovisa Nygren, head of the penitentiary at Frivården in Gothenburg

Fredrik, the policeman’s friend

Johan Fagerberg, the policeman’s colleague

Jörgen Thorén, local police chief Hisingen

Producer: Viktor Papini

Reporter: Karin Isaksson

Recordist: Johan Hörnqvist

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