The sex offender’s doctor’s clinic – about convicts who continue to receive patients

A doctor is convicted of harassing two patients at his clinic. One of them is Alice, who is at the doctor’s to examine her toe:

– I end up in total panic, and of course my heart goes very fast, because now I panic.

A few months later, another woman enters the reception. We can call her Sandra. She has come because she has had problems with one foot for a long time. The doctor examines her toe, but then puts her hand on her breast.

– So he had his whole hand like this on his chest. Now I have to get out of here. Because he’s so limitless, and I do not know what will happen. So, “how do I escape from here as quickly and efficiently as possible?”

Doctors are convicted of harassment

The doctor is later convicted of sexual harassment. When the Stockholm Region receives the verdict, they choose to terminate their agreement with the doctor. Lena Hanberg is head of the department for specialized care within the Stockholm Region, which handles the region’s agreements with various care providers.

– It is clear that you can appeal a verdict. But here we think it is so important that we do not risk patients being offended, that we chose to terminate this agreement.

When the Stockholm Region terminates the agreement, the doctor is only convicted in the district court, and he intends to appeal the verdict. But the region does not think it is possible to wait for the case to be tried in a higher instance.

– The starting point was that in that case we would expose women to the risk of being exposed to this type of abuse. And we could not risk that.

Continues to receive patients

If someone has been convicted in the district court but appeals, Ivo can request that the identification be withdrawn pending a final judgment. They will do so if there are probable reasons why HSAN will ultimately end up withdrawing the ID. But at the same time, such interim revocations should only be made if necessary to guarantee patient safety, for example. And in this case, Ivo did not think it was necessary. Marie Åberg, Ivo:

– In the case of the district court, it did not appear in this case that the penalty value of the crime, the nature of the crime or previous crime would result in a prison sentence. And there was also no particular reason to fear that the professional would commit further crime. And because of that, we chose not to demand interim.

Did you not see that there would be a risk that he could paw at other patients?

– No, in this case we did not see it.

The physician can continue to receive patients while waiting for justice to be served.

Caliber of doctors who are convicted, but who can continue to receive patients, sometimes for several years after a conviction. And Kaliber also finds shortcomings in the reporting of judgments to IVO from the Swedish Courts Administration, which must report when they judge legitimate care staff.






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