Denmark’s most affordable country in the world to live healthy

Denmark is the most affordable country in the world to live healthy according to for a study by PureGym, the British fitness club chain.

It compared 75 countries and assessed both the cost of staying healthy and the national average wage.

For example, it took into account the cost of a monthly fitness club membership and a pair of standard Nike running shoes along with staples across five major food groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains and protein.

The US, Switzerland, Australia and Germany completed the top five, with the Netherlands, UK, Canada, Ireland and Sweden being the top ten.

Applause to Denmark
The study welcomes Denmark for the way it “is fast becoming a benchmark for how a busy city can promote good health on every corner”.

“Take a visit and you will discover that cycling, for example, has been made to be much more accessible and attractive than other modes of transport in the city,” it read further.

“Along with this, healthy eating options are more readily available than in other cities, and many educational institutions offer smoking cessation programs.”

Source: The Nordic Page





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