The Latin Kings – the story of when the suburb got a vote

17-year-old Douglas León moves with definite steps across the stage. He has a red bandana on his head, rings in his ears and an intense look. It’s the early 90’s and it’s the documentary “Racist, of course” that captures Douglas’ rap. But it is not to talk about his music that he is in the film.

Douglas, who has a father from Venezuela and a mother from Sweden, is there to tell about what it is like to be an immigrant and live in the suburbs.

– Fittja is also dangerous now, but I thrive there, I have lived there for 15 years, I will always live there.
– Who are the quarrels?
– Turks, Greeks, Swedes against… You hold together, Latin Americans hold together, Syrians hold together, Turks hold together. You become like a family, you help each other.

Sweden is in the middle of an economic crisis and the political conversation is more polarized than in a long time. The laser man spreads fear among people with a foreign background, Nazis demonstrate in the streets and the right-wing populist and xenophobic party New Democracy sits in the Riksdag.

The documentary “Racist, of course” which is broadcast on SVT in the spring of 1993, mainly follows a bunch of young skinheads. Interviews are interspersed with concert scenes with their favorite band Ultima Thule, in the audience you see the guys whole to the music. But every now and then, Douglas and his friends, brothers Christian and Hugo Salazar Campos, appear in the picture.

– Yes, but it has been agreed that the police call a fucking black skull, negro and stuff. Well, you have been through that, says Douglas into the camera.

This is one of the first times that hip-hoppers Douglas, Christian and Hugo get to illustrate the new Sweden and act as a counterweight to racists. But it will be far from the last.

The trio that will eventually be successful as The Latin Kings will receive as much attention as symbols of the suburbs, as well as for their efforts as artists. Even though they themselves just want to do music.

P3 Music documentary about The Latin Kings is the story of a hip-hop group that breaks new ground and lays the foundation for Swedish hip-hop as it sounds today.

The program is made by Joanna Korbutiak autumn 2021.
Producer was Hanna Frelin.
Executive producer was Lars Truedsson.
The final mix was made by Fredrik Nilsson.
P3 Music documentary is made by the production company Tredje Statsmakten Media.

The sound clips in the documentary come from the documentary Rasist, javisst ?, SVT’s Gomorron Sverige (1994) and Bullen (1993), Sveriges Radios Ekot (1993), the 1995 Grammy Gala which was broadcast on SVT, Dogge Doggelito’s youtube channel and Elgiganten’s commercials from 2005 and 2007 .






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