Supo suspects it was the subject of espionage through the job application process

Supo may have been subjected to espionage during recruitment processes.

Yle has learned that some individuals may have applied to the agency to work as a scam to gather intelligence. The aim of these candidates was to find out the names and other details of the candidates selected for the post.

The application process for all Supo posts is semi-public. Applicants can get information on who will eventually get the job.

The names of those selected for highly sensitive tasks may be kept secret from the public. However, other job seekers have the right to know who has been selected, as well as their education, previous positions and other personal information.

According to Yle’s sources, Supo has strong suspicions that over the years there have been situations where recruitment has been used to protect the collection of intelligence. The fact that someone is applying for a job in Supoo could help to create an information register for employees of the intelligence service abroad, for example.

Yle has not received confirmation whether Supo suspects the foreign state or group of exploiting its recruitment process.

Source: The Nordic Page





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