372: The requirements for releasing Magdalena Andersson

Stefan Löfven has submitted his resignation as Prime Minister and a new round of Speakers has taken over. The Social Democrats’ new party leader Magdalena Andersson is the one who is first given the task of trying to form a government – but the road there can be difficult as both the Center Party, the Green Party and the Left Party must be kept in a good mood.

Left Party’s list of demands

Among other things, the Left Party’s Nooshi Dadgostar demands increased guarantee pensions if her party is to tolerate Magdalena Andersson as the new prime minister. In this week’s episode of The Political Game, we go to the bottom of the Swedish system for electing a prime minister and predict when we can have a new government in place.

Participants: Tomas Ramberg, Fredrik Furtenbach and Jan Teorell

Host: Parisa Höglund

Producer: Björn Barr






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