APN podcast: Wolt Blue

In this week’s program, APN will dismantle Wolt, a Finnish distribution company acquired by its American competitor DoorDash, for a total transaction worth approximately EUR 7 billion.

Although the deal has been widely received in Finland, it may also have diverted attention from the ongoing debate on classifying Wolt as a courier contractor, not an employee.

"I would say in a few hours [following Wolt's announcement] The question began to arise, are the partners or couriers getting anything from this deal? Are they just being exploited for what’s going on there," Yle’s journalist Heikki Valkama told APN about the reaction to the deal.

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You can’t get through

The APN also spoke Kyle Ott, who recently moved from the United States with his Finnish wife.

Both of them were stabbed in the United States before moving to Finland, but have had difficulty getting their status fully recognized in Finland.

"We just got an overview from everyone, and all the news and press about the ministry were: We have an update at the end of October. And October came and went, no upgrade. Speaking to many people, you realized that this is not a priority," Ott told APN.

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This week’s presentation was presented by Ronan Browne and Zena Iovino. It has been produced Mark B. Odom. It was a sound engineer Juha Sarkkinen.

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