THL urges caution as the holiday season approaches

The situation in Covid Finland seems to be worsening as the number of cases increases, the number of test positives and the burden on hospitals and healthcare providers increases – just as the approach of Christmas increases social interference and thus potential exposure to the coronavirus.

This is what the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health are saying at a weekly Covid press conference.

In seven days on November 7, the number of new Covid infections rose 26 percent from the previous week, authorities said at a news conference.

Positivity rose more than 6 percent nationwide and as much as 11 percent in parts of the country. On 10 November, the hospital had 253 Covid patients, 28 of whom were in intensive care.

Even for a while, Covid information is available on our dashboard,

At the same time, the rate of vaccine uptake has slowed significantly.

"One important finding is that the dosing of the first and second doses has been significantly slowed," said Otto Helve, Chief Physician of THL.

"The number of doses given last week has fallen, with the first doses falling by 35 per cent from the previous week and the second doses by as much as 40 per cent less than in the last full week." he said.

Little Christmas problems?

This is a matter for the government’s Covid strategy, which is based primarily on raising vaccination rates.

Authorities expressed concern about the upcoming Christmas Christmas party a festive season that is expected to see more social mixing and thus more exposure to Covid.

Director of Strategic Affairs of the Ministry Pasi Pohjola added irony to the treatment by reminding the media that experts had occasionally stood at press conferences "Judges warn of festive season infections".

Pohjola reminded the celebrants of personal precautions, such as hand washing and cough hygiene.

Helve urged people to get vaccinated before going to the big party, while the ministry’s director general of strategic affairs Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, said people should consider partying with the people they see every day to minimize the risk of Covid spreading.

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