Vegan "chicken lover" protests the launch of KFC in Finland

The launch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Finland was disrupted on Thursday when a man calling himself Benjamin announced that he was a “chicken lover” who was present to protest the company’s animal rights.

KFC had promised to offer the first queue at the new outlet for free chicken for a year. Helsingin sanomat newspaper reported that Benjamin had set up his tent on Monday to hold his protest under the guise of demanding free food.

Evening paper reported on Monday that the man had told them he was a "chicken lover".

At the opening, he began to give a speech called the occasion a "a historic moment" and began his prepared remarks – which focused on animal rights instead of free fried food.

"I haven’t queued up here, but billions of chickens and other oppressed animals," said at the opening of Benjamin shortly before security measures removed him and two other protesters.

The plan was for KFC to open its doors on November 11 at 11:11 a.m., present the award to the most enthusiastic KFC customer and start a fast food store.

It was disturbed by a trio claiming to be part of a protest group called "Viral vegans".

The video for Ilta-Sanomat featured three men dressed in t-shirts with the text “Love Wins”. Not Wings “and” Don’t turn your back on animal suffering “on the other side.

KFC’s animal rights situation has been more transparent than many fast food chains that published a report on animal welfare in 2020.

On the other hand, a poultry supplier admitted in that report that more than a third of the birds in its products in the United Kingdom and Ireland suffer from foot dermatitis, a painful foot disease that can prevent animals from walking properly.

Source: The Nordic Page





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