LUT University appoints former MythBuster Hyneman as practical professor

The LUT University campus in Eastern Finland has appointed an American TV personality and inventor Jamie Hyneman as a practical professor at the department for a term of five years.

Hyneman, who often wears berets and is currently the inventor and developer, is likely to be more widely known as a former presenter of the popular science-based TV series MythBusters.

"I’m really proud of the appointment. I am happy to help LUT by providing information on technology and business and look forward to future projects and challenges," Hyneman said in a statement from the university on Monday.

Hyneman’s five-year term begins on Monday, and he is scheduled to visit LUT’s Lappeenranta campus on Tuesday. He gives his first lecture, "Peeling an Onion: How to Start Prototyping" on Thursday.

Jamie Hyneman will discuss with LUT University students in 2018.Petri Kivimäki / General

This is not the first time Hyneman has been in contact with the university, as she received an honorary doctorate from the university in 2017. The interaction helped create the Jamie Hyneman Center (JHC). The center’s workshop, open to all LUT students and staff, will help participants "develop new ideas and solutions to problems and build and test prototypes," according to the university.

"As a practical professor, I intend to encourage and support student innovation at JHC. I also hope to participate in the activities of the university more widely. For example, environmental issues and different types of vehicles are particularly close to my heart. These are things I am glad to see that LUT and I are very similar," Hyneman said in a statement.

Reader Markku Ikävalko said the collaboration between LUT University and Hyneman is "good fit."

"Hyneman is a brave entrepreneur and pioneer who never gets tired of trying new things and developing old ones. That’s what we at LUT do every day," Age White said.

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