The struggle for a child – when time runs out

Maria longs to have children. When she finds out that she has few eggs left, she and her partner start trying right away. Despite the trials, however, there will be no children and the couple will start applying for IVF treatments.

Consequences of the corona pandemic

Caliber’s section “The struggle for a child – when time runs out” is a review of the corona pandemic’s consequences for those who need help to have children. The queues for assisted reproduction with the donation of eggs or sperm have increased as a result of the pandemic and in some parts of the country it can take at least three years to receive treatment.

Long wait for IVF treatment

For Maria and her partner, the struggle has been long and the doctor visits many. During a visit, Maria found out that the waiting time for an IVF treatment was three to four years, but then she has time to turn 40 and can no longer receive a treatment financed by the region.






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