University entrance exams will be digitized and streamlined

In Finland, the vice-rectors of universities have mapped out changes to the national selection tests, which will digitize future testing, change its content and significantly reduce the number.

Exams in several fields of study in the joint selection process will launch electronic exams as early as next spring.

For the first time, entrance examinations in the fields of medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry and molecular biology, and psychology and speech therapy will be conducted in digital form, experimentally.

Last spring, the experiments were conducted digitally in the fields of education, biology and environmental sciences, pharmacy, geography, forestry, and computer science.

Fewer experiments

The number of exams is also to be reduced, as the current system is too cumbersome for both applicants and universities. Because multiple entrance exams test the same knowledge and skills, combining the exams simplifies the entry process.

The role of entrance examinations as part of student selection has also changed, with about half of new students being evidence-based. The criteria for evidence-based access will be revised, but the current criteria will be valid at least until spring 2025.

Source: The Nordic Page





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