Uusimaa is restricting indoor gatherings as Covid cases increase

In Uusimaa, the new gathering restrictions will be announced on Thursday and will take effect a week later, when the Helsinki-centric region is having difficulty dealing with the rise in Covid cases.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (abbreviation Avi) is preparing the details of the restrictions, as the capacity of hospitals in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital districts to cope with the workload is currently tight.

The Covid Regional Coordination Group has proposed new restrictions to slow the spread of the epidemic.

Avi says it will evaluate the expert opinion and decide on the scope and severity of the restrictions, but it is possible that they will limit capacity to a certain percentage of full capacity.

However, event organizers who introduce the Covid Passport System at the door can avoid restricting events.

The new measures are expected to be announced on Thursday, November 18, and will take effect a week later, on November 25.

Source: The Nordic Page





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