The gang leader, the car fires and the informant scandal in Eskilstuna

There is a red light in Eskilstuna right now and during the last two years there have been several shootings where people have been murdered and injured. A handful of networks operate in the area and about fifty individuals are believed to belong to the upper driving strata of organized crime.

One of the people is “Amir” who is described as a leading figure around the gang environment in the Skiftinge district. In today’s P3 Krim we tell about two current court cases – an attempted murder in Råbergstorp earlier this year, and the murder in Årbyskogen 2018.

Both cases will be heard in the Court of Appeal and “Amir” will appear in both. But what was it about technicality that made him acquitted of the assassination attempt? And how could an informant be revealed in the murder investigation from 2018?

* Amir and Jamal are actually called something else


Evalisa Wallin

Viktor Ahldén


Christer Sjöqvist, local police area manager for lopo Eskilstuna

Johan Karlsson, acting head of the investigation section in the Södermanland police area

Carina Lennquist, Deputy Regional Police Chief in Region East

Marcus Ekman, Chief Prosecutor

Jacob Asp, “Amirs” defense lawyer

Tobias Enochson, the informant’s lawyer

Håkan Andersson, “Jamal’s” defense lawyer

Producer: Viktor Papini

Reporter: Karin Isaksson

Recordist: Johan Hörnqvist

Contact: [email protected]

Tip phone: 0734-61 29 15






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