The party leaders of the Greens mourn the loss of former MP Jyrki Kasvi

Jyrki Plant, a former MP, journalist and IT researcher, has died at the age of 57. Kasvi, who served as the Green MP in 2003–11 and again in 2015–19, was considered a pioneer in the field of information. society.

The plant, born in 1964, died on Tuesday after a long battle against bladder cancer. He was diagnosed with the disease for the first time in 2003.

Former researcher and game editor Kasvi has written several books on computers and the information society – a term that describes a society in which the creation, distribution, manipulation and integration of knowledge is a significant economic and cultural activity.

His death was honored by numerous Green party leaders, including the Secretary General Brother Liikanenwho described him "the driving force of the greens" in his duties as a Member of Parliament and a member of the City Council in Espoo and an "an influential member of the organization."

Leader of the Green Party Maria Ohisalo stated the plant "invaluable contribution" Finland’s information security and digital policy and its pioneering work in the field of security, transparency and equality.

An association dedicated to the life and work of the plant was established this spring. The organization aims to promote digitalisation and the introduction and regulation of new and innovative technologies. It also seeks to establish a foundation in the name of the Plant.

Source: The Nordic Page





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