The top document calls for the introduction of mandatory Covid vaccinations as the number of cases increases

Chief Physician of the City of Vaasa Heikki Kaukoranta has called on the authorities to introduce compulsory vaccination for everyone living in Finland who has reached the age of 12.

Kaukoranta told Yle that he was concerned about the rapidly increasing number of infections across the country and said a mandatory vaccination order would be the solution.

He added that current measures to curb the spread of the virus have proved insufficient.

"It can be seen that the need for hospital care is growing and the measures currently available do not curb the spread," Kaukoranta said and added that Finnish legislation would allow the government to make such a mandatory order.

"Section 47 of the Communicable Diseases Act allows vaccination to be ordered in a situation where an infectious disease threatens the functioning of society," he said.

This, in turn, would shift the responsibility for vaccination from the individual to the state.

"It is up to the individual citizen to consider, for example, whether vaccination is safe or whether vaccination is potentially harmful. In that case [of a mandatory order], the state bears responsibility and is also liable for future adverse effects," Kaukoranta said.

About 20 per cent of the Finnish population aged 12 and over are currently not fully vaccinated, which is too high for Kaukoranta. The mandatory vaccination order should therefore come into force as soon as possible, he said.

"The sooner the better. Especially now that we are seeing the situation of Covid in Europe deteriorate. Vaccines are available [Finnish] space and vaccinations can be arranged," he said.

The number of cases is growing

In Finland, 1,151 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed on Wednesday, so the total number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic is 172,373.

In the last two weeks, the health authority THL has registered about 11,000 new laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus, which is about 3,100 more infections than in the previous 14 days.

Hospitalizations are also on the rise: on Wednesday, 299 Covid patients were in hospitals across the country, 38 of whom were in intensive care. The latest figures suggest an increase of two people in hospital and two in the intensive care unit since Monday.

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