373: A historic deal for the Sweden Democrats

Reduced tax on petrol and diesel, a new employment tax deduction and stricter asylum legislation. This is what some of the proposals look like in the agreement that the Moderates, the Christian Democrats – and for the first time also the Sweden Democrats – are behind. But the Liberals stand outside, and intend to vote for their own budget instead. What does this mean for future cooperation, and what budget will actually win in the House’s vote?

The Social Democrats and the Left Party are negotiating

At the same time, negotiations continue between the Social Democrats’ Magdalena Andersson and the Left Party’s Nooshi Dadgostar. What concessions does V require in order to be able to accept Magdalena Andersson as the new Prime Minister, and will the negotiations spill over into the budget vote?

Participants: Tomas Ramberg and Fredrik Furtenbach

Host: Parisa Höglund

Producer: Björn Barr






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