Election collection: Record number of women appointed mayor

Change from the inside
Buch pointed to Christina Krzyrosiak Hansen (Holbæk) and Sofia Osmani (Lyngby-Taarbæk), who secured great victories in their races, as inspiration for women with an ambition to become mayor.

However, he also claimed that the parties themselves have to act – especially when nominating leading candidates.

“It’s about becoming the leading candidate and about the internal struggle of the parties,” Buch said.

The German minority gets a mayor
The German minority party Schleswig Party has received his first mayoral post in recent times after Jørgen Popp Petersen’s appointment in Tønder. The party joined the Social Democrats and the Liberals, who pointed to Petersen as mayor despite the fact that the two traditional power center parties had more seats than the Schleswig Party. It is the first time since 1946 that the German minority party has a mayor.

The Social Democrats rule in Hvidovre
The Socialist People’s Party (SF) raised its eyebrows in Hvidovre and deposed Helle Adelborg as mayor after a nine-year term. Instead SF’s Anders Wolf Andresen takes over the mayor’s reins after the party joined the Unity List, Conservatives, Hvidovrelisten and Venstre. It marks for the first time in 96 years that the municipality does not get a mayor from the Social Democrats.

Not even close
In the regional election, the Liberals Stephanie Lose has set a new record in the number of personal votes counted. Lose swallowed 147,485 votes in the Region of Southern Denmark – which is almost ten times as many as the region’s second best, Mette With Hagensen (15,619). However, Anders Kühnau looks set to become head of the Danish Regions, despite receiving significantly fewer personal votes (47,116) in the Central Jutland Region.

Christina can not be stopped
Christina Krzyrosiak Hansen hit the headlines four years ago, when she became Denmark’s youngest mayor at just 24 years old. Now the Holbæk mayor has once again turned his head away. gets 46 percent of all personal votes in his municipality – the highest percentage of votes in the entire election. She received 79 percent of all the Social Democrats’ votes and over ten times as many votes as the second place in Holbæk, the Liberal Party’s Camilla Hove Lund (1,614).

As a father as a son
Son of Denmark’s former legendary Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. Like his more famous father, Peter Hansted is from the Social Democrats and landed the mayoral post on Ærø. However, he still has a way to go to match his father’s political legacy. Krag was Prime Minister of Denmark from 1962-1968 and then again from 1971-72.

Success without upper body on Funen
Sometimes it pays to think outside the box, as Malte Jäger from Nye Borgerlige can attest. The 19-year-old attracted attention during the election by appearing shirtless on his election posters in Kerteminde, a maneuver that seems to have paid off. His 185 votes were enough to see him win a seat on the local city council – the first mandate for Nye Borgerlige in Kerteminde, nothing less!

Voice error in CPH
An error on the ballot paper in Copenhagen has prompted one local politician to call a new election. Of the five candidates who appeared on the ballot for the Freedom List, four did not have a field that voters could tick. The City of Copenhagen apologized for the error, but emphasized that all votes would be valid as long as the box around the candidates’ names was checked. One of the candidates concerned, Per Brændgaard, claims that the error should be the basis for a new election.

Manu down in Frederiksberg
Former Minister Manu Sareen failed to enter on Frederiksberg City Hall after receiving 271 votes on election day. , despite the shift from the Radicals to the Social Democrats. The former Minister for Children, Gender Equality and Integration (2014-15) needed just 59 votes to get the party’s fifth and final mandate. Meanwhile, former pro cycle racer Brian Holm was re-elected with the Conservatives thanks to his 1,135 votes.

Vilson was not an x-factor
Being famous does not always guarantee success in an election that Vilson Ferati was forced to come to terms with this week. The former X-Factor participant ran for the Social Democrats in Sønderborg, but only managed to get a paltry 18 votes The total number of votes that a candidate in his party in the municipality has obtained. Ferati participated in this year’s X-Factor edition, but was sent off with packing in the third live show.

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