National Round-Up: COVID-19 infection tracking delayed due to lack of contact information

Always the same number

Another concern at PSA involves people not answering calls when they call or answering text messages they send after a missed call.

The number that PSA calls from when reaching the public is always from the number 32320511.

First time for election observers
A delegation of eight election observers from the Council of Europe monitored the local and regional elections in Denmark this week, according to KL. The fear of questionable election conditions is not the reason why observers for the first time monitored municipal elections in Denmark, but rather an invitation from KL and the Danish Regions.

Relocation can hamper voting
Anyone who has registered his move to another municipality from the 10th-16th. November, a week before the election, may have lost the right to vote in the election on Tuesday. The situation concerns about 5,000 citizens, informs nationwide television, DR. A broad majority in the Folketing wants a change in the law to ensure that everyone in future has the opportunity to vote regardless of relocation.

New initiatives for a safer Denmark
The government has presented 12 new initiatives to ensure greater security in the nightlife, on the streets and around S-train stations. The initiative contains several points that are directly aimed at young criminals. “All Danes must be able to move freely and feel safe, no matter where they go. We simply must not accept when groups of particularly young men resort to violence by making ordinary people feel insecure and restrict their freedom in public space, ”says Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup.

Danish rum-es on volcanic island
Three astronauts – including Denmark’s first man in space, Andreas Mogensen – are currently training on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands as part of an initiative from the European Space Agency (ESA). The training at the European Volcano Hotspot is crucial for future space expeditions, where selected geologists, engineers and astronauts aim to master the best ways to explore the rugged landscapes of the Moon and Mars..

Denmark is part of a massive Europol attack
A huge Europol-led attack across 17 countries took place in early November. The multi-country operation led to more than 170 arrests, five of them in Denmark. Over For three days, the Danish Aliens Control in South Jutland inspected 2,600 vehicles and 6,200 people.

To create vibrant city centers
The Ministry of Housing is launching a new partnership that seeks to promote more vibrant rural urban centers. Five selected test cities, Rødekro, Vojens, Lemvig, Vordingborg and Ringsted, will follow recommendations in an attempt to improve life in cities and cities struggling with depopulation and mobility problems. “Attractive city centers are of great importance for the building of strong local communities. That is why I am very happy that the focus is now on the work in five new test cities, ”says Minister of Housing Kaare Dybvad.

The government is getting tougher on hate crimes
At present, it is considered an aggravating circumstance if a crime is based on the ethnic origin, faith, disability, sexual orientation or the like of others. However, the provision does not cover both fully and partly hate-motivated crimes, which is a significant problem that a majority in the Folketing is now seeking to solve. According to the Ministry of Justice, the penal code will in future include partial motives such as hate crime.

High COVID-19 infection value updated
The Ministry of Health has lowered the value, which determines high COVID-19 infection rates in municipalities, from 500 to 400 infections per. 100,000 inhabitants. This means that municipalities that exceed the limit will receive recommendations for further handling of infection rates. However, under the new scheme, the municipalities will no longer have to automatically close schools and day care institutions if the limit is exceeded.

Source: The Nordic Page





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