Nearly 40 million Afghans could fall into “extreme poverty” by mid-2022, says UN

“Afghanistan is a country of nearly 40 million people, almost all of whom could fall into extreme poverty by mid-2022 if no immediate action is taken to address simultaneous humanitarian, economic and political crises,” the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says. said in a statement on Wednesday.

The country’s key services are collapsing. Commodity prices have skyrocketed, while employment opportunities are disappearing. The banking system is severely disrupted, causing a huge cash shortage across the country, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it said.

According to an IOM statement, Afghanistan is currently threatened by large-scale refugee resettlement.

“It is now estimated that 5.5 million are internally displaced, including those living in protracted situations, and more than 680,000 have recently been displaced by the conflict in 2021. This is in addition to 1.1 million undocumented Afghan cuts from 2021 in Iran and Pakistan. “

On Wednesday (local time), the United Nations Security Council convened a meeting on the situation in Afghanistan. The meeting was attended by representatives from different countries.

To reinforce the call for a more inclusive government in Afghanistan, the United Nations has said the country is facing a reduction in the fundamental rights of women and girls under the Taliban.

“The fundamental rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls are generally restricted”, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan Deborah Lyons told the UN Security Council.

“As for the education of girls, the actual authorities have stated that they are working on a nationwide policy to exercise the right of girls to education throughout the country,” she said.

However, Lyons stressed that Taliban officials have said they need more time to clarify the policy and its implementation.

Source: ANI

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