Construction of Finland’s largest wind farm begins

The construction of Finland’s largest wind farm is currently underway in the municipality of Lestijärvi in ​​western Finland.

When completed, the total capacity of the wind farm will be 455.4 MW (megawatts).

The EUR 650 million project will be financed and implemented by a consortium of Finnish energy companies in cooperation with the Swedish renewable energy and construction company OX2.

The consortium includes Kymppivoima Oy, which owns the majority of the project (65 percent), Oulun Energia (25 percent) and Kuopion Energia (10 percent).

The Lestijärvi wind farm is expected to be completed by the end of 2024 and will start operating next year. It consists of 69 wind turbines, each with a maximum height of 240 meters.

The facility is estimated to generate more than 1.3 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity per year, which corresponds to 2 percent of Finland’s total electricity production last year.

A 400 kilovolt power line is currently being installed on site. The transmission line from Lestijärvi to Alajärvi in ​​Southern Ostrobothnia will eventually be connected to the local grid.

By Anne Kurkela, Mayor of Lestijärvi, the project promotes the municipality’s economy and creates job opportunities.

The wind farm currently generates approximately EUR 2.5 million in property tax revenue for Lestijärvi each year.

Source: The Nordic Page





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