Ohisalo, chairman of the Greens, will start with the ministers of the parental leave party

Minister of the Interior and President of the Green League Maria Ohisalo to start his parental leave on Friday.

The departure of Ohisalo means his party buddy Krista Mikkonen – who is currently the Minister for the Environment and Climate – is the Minister for the Interior Emma Kari (Green) will temporarily move to the Minister of the Environment.

Mikkonen was elected to Parliament for the first time in 2015 as a representative of the Savo-Karelia constituency and was the chairman of the party’s parliamentary group in 2016-2019. He was re-elected in 2019 with an increased share of votes and as minister in June that year.

Kari was also elected to Parliament for the first time in 2015, having served on the Helsinki City Council since 2008. He was a member of the Grand Parliamentary Committee and the Legal Affairs Committee during his first parliamentary term, and was re-elected to Parliament. in the 2019 parliamentary elections, again with an increased share of votes.

When Ohisalo returns from parental leave, he is expected to take an environmental and climate change study.

Tampere Member of Parliament and Finland’s youngest Member of Parliament Iiris Suomela serves as party leader in the absence of Ohisalo, but refused to serve as minister.

Source: The Nordic Page





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