Covid takes a new approach to Europe, he counts the victims of the war, an apology to the Sami

  • Vaccine passports and new concerns about the spread of infection. Karin Tegmark Wisell, DG of the Swedish Public Health Agency.

  • The Liberals’ tactics for overcoming the parliamentary blockade

  • The refugee situation at Europe’s borders

  • Portrait of Alexander Lukashenko

  • Chronicle by Göran Rosenberg

  • The panel with Heidi Avellan, Sydsvenskan, Anna Dahlberg, Expressen, and Anders Lindberg, Aftonbladet.

  • He counts the dead in Tigray

  • Satire with Public Service

  • Covid is taking a new approach, as is the situation around the world

  • The pandemic and the Swedish strategy, the authors Gina Gustavsson and Johan Anderberg

  • The Church’s apology to the Sami, how is it received?

  • Kåseri by Helena von Zweigbergk

    Host Sara Stenholm
    Producer Nina Benner
    Technician Matilda Eriksson






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