Ventilation arrives in Finland

The first snow of the season will cover different parts of Finland next week.

"There seems to be a lot of snow coming," Ylen meteorologist Joonas Koskela said.

White goods are forecast to fall by a few cents on the south coast, including in the metropolitan area on Monday night.

Three separate low-pressure areas will move over Finland next week, and on Tuesday night it will snow along the zone from Western Lapland to Eastern Finland.

Winter is coming to the central parts, says Koskela, who said that in the downtown areas, as much as 20 cents of white goods may fall towards the end of the week in a few days.

But while the central and northern areas are covered with white stuff, the first snow melts quickly in southern Finland, where temperatures vary between -5 and +5 degrees.

"It is a thermal roller coaster in southern Finland," he explained.

To the north of Vaasa, mercury will remain in the freezing zone and a clear sky is forecast for northern Finland, with daytime temperatures close to -15 degrees and nighttime -20 degrees.

Source: The Nordic Page





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