HS: A coronavirus passport cannot be a requirement to attend an office party

Mölsä said that the agency has received several inquiries from employers and individuals.

“The law clearly does not allow companies, organizations or agencies to request a coronavirus passport at their events,” Mölsä said.

At present, a passport can only be required in two situations: on entry and in derogation from the restrictions in force. For example, restaurant operations are restricted in 12 areas, while several areas have either set or are planning restrictions on public events. If the company arranges a meeting at a restaurant, the restaurant therefore has the option of requiring a pass in order to avoid operating restrictions.

The Communicable Diseases Act does not comment on other circumstances, such as private events Kirsi Ruuhonen, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

“The organizers of the events are responsible for ensuring that their activities are legal and that they do not violate, for example, equality or data protection regulations,” he told Helsingin Sanomat.

The coronavirus passport was also piloted this fall under conditions where restrictions were not in place. However, the key feature of the pilots was that showing a passport was voluntary and not mandatory, Ruuhonen reminded.

Although a similar approach could in principle be followed today, for example, requiring and presenting a passport at events organized by the employer can cause certain security problems. – I think you can recommend a coronavirus passport to people, Ruuhonen said.

Helsingin Sanomat pointed out on Sunday that the law does not prevent people from arranging passport-friendly meetings for their friends, as the scope of the Equality Act, for example, does not extend to private life. However, a passport would be better recommended than required, as it contains sensitive health information for others, Mölsä said.

However, a private event does not automatically belong to private life. Some event organizers may be bound by the Equality Act, even if the event itself is not subject to restrictions imposed by AVI.

Commissioner for Non – Discrimination Kristina Stenman did not agree to speculate in detail what types of events may be required under the Equality Act.

“There are so many different private events out there. I would not want to speculate in one direction or another, he told Helsingin Sanomat. – However, vaccinations are free. Except for those who can’t for health reasons, everyone has the opportunity [get vaccinated]. ”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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