The man is suspected of murdering his parents in Vantaa

Police in Eastern Uusimaa said on Monday that they suspected that a man over 30 had taken the lives of both parents in Vantaa over the weekend.

Both victims were 70 years old, according to police.

The man was caught in a car accident on Sunday night, police said, adding that an eyewitness saw the man driving his vehicle off the road and running into the woods on foot.

The responding police unit noticed from the registration number of the vehicle that its owner may have been in contact with two murders committed in Vantaa, which is why more police were called to the scene. The man was later apprehended as he walked along the road.

The case is likely to be investigated as a habit

Police said on Monday that the motive for the murder is still unknown because the suspect had not yet been questioned.

According to the head of the pre-trial investigation of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, the pre-trial investigation is still at a very early stage, so precise charges are being considered Tero Tyynelä.

"It is therefore a question of a suspected homicide [the charges] are either murder or murder," Calm said, adding that the most likely cause of the murder was. "on the basis of the information we have received."

Source: The Nordic Page





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