This year’s August prize is awarded

  • The August Fiction Prize goes to Elin Cullhed for “Euphoria. A novel about Sylvia Plath ”. This year’s Swedish children’s and youth book is “Nattkorpen” by Johan Rundberg and “Dolda gudar” by Nils Håkansson receives the prize for best non-fiction book.

  • Three categories are awarded: This year’s fiction book, this year’s non-fiction book and this year’s children’s and youth book.

  • The prize money is SEK 100,000.

Nominated for Swedish Fiction Book of the Year:
Euphoria: A novel about Sylvia Plath by Elin Cullhed
Resurrection: With Creation and the Freedom of the Evening by Kjell Espmark
Europe by Maxim Grigoriev
When we were Sami by Mats Jonsson
The singularity by Balsam Karam
The year of the black moon by Ellen Mattson

Nominated for Swedish Non-Fiction Book of the Year:
The history of the Jews in Sweden by Carl Henrik Carlsson
Dante: The first author by Anders Cullhed
Hidden Gods: a book about all that is not lost in a translation by Nils Håkanson
Squats: About women and strength training by Sara Martinsson
The model society by Anneli Rogeman
The time of the tyrant: About Sweden under Charles XII by Magnus Västerbro

Nominated for Swedish Children and Youth Book of the Year:
Furan by Lisen Adbåge
Himlabrand by Moa Backe Åstot
A room for Lisen by Elin Johansson & Ellen Svedjeland
If you meet a bear by Malin Kivelä & Martin Glaz Serup & Linda Bondestam
The night raven by Johan Rundberg
My mom is faster than yours! by Emma Virke & Joanna Hellgren






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