Letter from SNP member Douglas Chapman in response to Anthony Heron’s column

You will be delighted that many of us agree with you, and we are exploring options to grow and prosper this relationship with our Nordic neighbors.

I have not long since returned from the 73rd plenary session of the Nordic Council in Copenhagen last month, which I was fortunate to attend as an observer. It is a great honor when we want to strengthen relations and alliances with the Nordic countries. In these sessions, important issues such as post-Covid resilience, the role of young people in decision-making, regional defense and security, and post-COP climate action were high on the agenda.

Earlier this year, I met with the Minister of the Center, Mikko Karna, to discuss the prospects for Scottish observer status and to accept his offer to begin this process. Mikko pointed out that the Nordic Council already includes the autonomous Faroe Islands, Åland and Greenland, which are not all fully independent states like Scotland at the moment, but are actively involved in promoting co-operation in the region.

It is no secret that, as a Member of the SNP, my main goal is to safeguard Scotland’s independence, and on this journey I am committed to exploring the opportunities we can have with our Nordic friends in a spirit of mutual respect and openness. common concerns such as social justice, renewable potential, sustainability and well-being.

Scotland has already benefited from borrowing your wonderful idea of ​​baby boxes, and has looked closely at your ‘housing first’ initiative to tackle homelessness from a more holistic and supportive perspective. And just last year, another Finnish newspaper demanded that Scotland be recognized as the sixth Nordic nation, which we welcome.

You may also be interested to know that I have set up a parliamentary group in the Nordic and Arctic Councils in Westminster to provide information on both these bodies and their important work to promote co-operation, common values ​​and resources. In Scotland, the work of the Nordic-Arctic Unit and its framework for co-operation and exchange of information will continue to build relations and strengthen existing ties.

Given the enormous challenges posed by climate change, Brexit and our place in the world, and the ongoing pandemic, it is important and timely to look north to our neighbors with whom we have so much in common culturally, historically and geographically. ties.

In this regard, I am pleased to receive your warm words and encouragement on behalf of the people of Scotland as we continue to work towards closer ties with the Nordic countries and strengthen our nation’s outward position as a cooperative and responsible global citizen.

On behalf of Scotland,

Douglas Chapman
SNP MP for Dunfermline and West Fife
SNP spokesperson for SMEs, Enterprise and Innovation

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