The first snow arrives in southern Finland

In many parts of southern Finland, including the Helsinki metropolitan area, the first snow of the season rained on Monday night.

Light winds would spread to most areas in the south except the coast.

Tuesday morning brought significant amounts of snow to southern Finland, but the coastal areas remained a little drier, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

According to the forecast, there will be most snow in Western Uusimaa, Hämeenlinna and Lahti on Tuesday. The northern parts of Central Finland are also expected to be covered by a white Wednesday morning.

In the municipalities of Somero and Hämeenlinna, it rained 9 centimeters each on Monday, and 8 centimeters in Salo. In the Uusimaa region, however, the snowfall was uneven.

When Nuuksio in Espoo got 7 cents for white and Lohja 6 cents, the snow at Kumpula station in Helsinki was 2 cents and the recording at Tapiola in Espoo was zero.

"We can consider it the first snow of the season when the ground is covered with more than a centimeter of snow measured in the morning at 8," Petri Hoppula, A meteorologist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute explained.

Last year, the metropolitan area did not receive its first official snow cover until the end of December.

Although more storms are expected in southern Finland, including Uusimaa, on Tuesday, winter weather will give way to warm temperatures on Wednesday as mercury is forecast to rise above zero.

Frost conditions continue in northern Finland; However, the municipality of Utsjoki broke this year’s frost record on Tuesday at -29 ℃.

Source: The Nordic Page





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