The WTTC and the ETC call on EU Member States to effectively coordinate and adapt to the evolving epidemiological situation.

According to the organizations, there is no room for inconsistent and constantly changing national reactions in the sector, and a common EU approach is the only way to save the struggling tourism and tourism sector in Europe.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) now acknowledges that EU travel restrictions have not had a significant impact on reducing the spread of the virus, hospitalizations or deaths.
The WTTC and ETC emphasize that measures to limit border crossings would not have health benefits, but could have a huge economic impact on the region.

According to the latest WTTC study, up to 900,000 jobs will be at risk in the EU’s tourism sector this year if travel restrictions are introduced this winter.

In addition, governments across the EU could have as much as € 35 billion to wipe out funding for the sector before the end of 2021 if severe travel restrictions come into force.

The WTTC and the ETC say EU member states have the power to influence and advance the coordinated stimulus measures needed to sustain the sector, and only a coordinated approach will save millions of livelihoods dependent on the sector.

Julia Simpson, The CEO of the WTTC, said: “We urgently need to restore confidence in travel and not create more uncertainty. It is vital that we have a properly coordinated response across the EU that is understood by both businesses and tourists.

“Vaccinations in the EU are the best in the world, with 65% of the population now fully vaccinated. We cannot afford to reverse all the progress made this year through hard work. This has catastrophic consequences for jobs and livelihoods.

“While we fully understand that the protection of public health is paramount, we urge all EU Member States to continue to use the EU’s digital COVID certificate, which has successfully enabled fully vaccinated people to travel safely and freely.”

Luís Araújo, President of the ETC, added: “As the colder months approach and the epidemiological situation in some European countries worsens, we urge EU governments to work together to ensure free movement across Europe.”

“We need to avoid further uncertainty or fragmentation. Thanks to the high vaccination rate, the EU COVID certificate and strict safety practices, safe travel is completely possible. Before the long-awaited holiday season, EU citizens need clear and consistent rules.

Last year, a WTTC study showed that more than two million Travel & Tourism jobs were lost across the EU, and its latest study reveals that if large-scale restrictions are implemented in 2022, three million more would be at stake next year.

After 18 months, when the COVID-19 pandemic has already devastated economies around the world, a WTTC study also shows that if punitive restrictions remained in place for much of next year, it could lead to more than € 143 billion. wiped out of the EU economy.

Read the statement sent to EU countries here.

Source: World Travel & Tourism Council

Source: The Nordic Page





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