375: The Center Party is the loneliest in Sweden now

The Social Democrats’ party leader Magdalena Andersson had time to celebrate her new role as prime minister for just over seven hours before she announced her resignation. That after the Center Party chose to abstain in the budget vote, which led to the opposition’s budget proposal winning, and which in turn made the Green Party leave the government as it did not want to govern on a budget negotiated with the Sweden Democrats.

The Center Party stands alone

Parties on both the right and the left directly directed the accusations against the Center Party for yesterday’s events. But is that a reasonable description of what actually happened? In this week’s episode of The Political Game, we back the band to this summer’s government crisis and the Social Democrats’ first misjudgment of the political situation.

Participants: Tomas Ramberg and Fredrik Furtenbach

Host: Parisa Höglund

Producer: Björn Barr






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