* NEW * The school shooting in Sandy Hook

It’s Friday morning, just before Christmas 2012, and the kids are baking gingerbread houses. Deputy principal Natalie Hammond is about to start a meeting when she hears a strange sound. Someone is shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A 20-year-old boy, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and hundreds of cartridges, launches a massacre. The incident shocks an entire nation and the US debate on gun control flares up, as so many times before. President Barack Obama is behind a new bill that will limit the availability of certain automatic weapons.

In the midst of all this, rumors are spreading, from talk show star Alex Jones, among others, that the bloody act is in fact a false flag – staged with actors by the American state.


Senior Detective Daniel Jewiss.

Michelle Gay, mother of Josephine.

David Wheeler, Ben’s father.

Natalie Hammond, Deputy Principal.

Andrew Solomon, author.

Ginna Lindberg, SR correspondent.

A documentary by: Karolin Axelsson.

Producer: Jon Jordås.

Published: 2021.






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