The coldest temperature in the village of Lapland since November is 2010

Finland’s northernmost municipality, Utsjoki, broke the cold record for the second time this winter. The Kevojärvi weather station in the village of Kevo in Utsjoki will register a temperature of -32.2 ana on Wednesday evening.

According to a Tweet author Mika RantanenAccording to a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, this is the lowest temperature measured in Finland in November since 2010, when mercury dropped to -34 degrees at the same weather station.

Kevojärvi previously broke this year’s temperature record of -29 degrees on Monday night.

The station also registers the highest record temperature in Finnish Lapland this summer – 33.5 ℃ in July – which means a dramatic drop of 65 degrees in the last four months.

Winter weather has also hit other parts of northern Lapland, and in the villages of Nuorgam (-26 ℃) and Inari in Kaamanen (-25 ℃) and Nellim (-24 ℃) in the municipality of Utsjoki, mercury has fallen well below zero.

Source: The Nordic Page





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