Yle offers articles on public media across Europe

Want to know what Portuguese think about Covid vaccines? Or how has Covid persuaded French women to give up bras?

That is the goal of the Window to Europe service that Yle accompanies. Ten members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), including Yle, have joined forces to share online content.

This project reflects decades of video exchange among EBU members with text-based stories now shared by Belgium’s RTBF, France Televisions, Germany’s BR-ARD, Ireland’s RTE, RAI from Italy, Portugal’s RTP, Spain’s SWI. and the Franco-German company ARTE.

"The aim is to improve Europeans’ understanding of each other in these polarized times and to help people see how other Europeans live," said Yle News Lab Jukka Niva who is responsible for the project in Yle.

Niva adds that as false news spreads rapidly in many European countries, EBU companies play an important role in sharing reliable and verified information.

A window to Europe could therefore help combat false news.

"Public service media companies produce news and background stories that are edited and reviewed and follow rigorous editorial processes," said Niva.

For the time being, the stories are in English, although in the long run it is hoped that the machine translation could produce Finnish versions.

"The EBU uses the best translation programs in the world, but since these AI-based translation programs can be unreliable in Finnish, we will start in English," said Niva.

Niva says that Yle’s Eurovision unit constantly monitors the development of the programs, and if the quality of the Finnish texts improves, they will also be published in Finnish.

Other EBUs, on the other hand, publish Yle’s stories on their own websites. These stories come from Yle’s English-language unit, Yle News.

Source: The Nordic Page





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